Home sales see a bump 

Posted on Mar 02, 2020

This month saw a double-digit gain in sales, but last February was one of the slowest levels of activity since the late ’90s.

With the extra day this February, monthly sales totaled 1,197 units. A combination of these two factors resulted in a 23 per cent improvement over last year, but sales remain well below longer-term trends and consistent with...

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Another REALTOR® Says They’ll Buy My House. Should I Be Wary?

Posted on Feb 05, 2020

Wary might not be the best word, but you do need to make sure you understand the details of the offer. This type of offer is a guaranteed sales agreement, and while there is nothing illegal or wrong with a real estate company offering this kind of arrangement, it is rarely the best option for consumers.

In a guaranteed sales agreement, a real estate...

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Capitalizing on the Current Real Estate Cycle and Making Strong Investments in Alberta

Posted on Feb 05, 2020

Special Event Invitation
What’s Behind the Curtain:
Capitalizing on the Current Real Estate Cycle and Making Strong Investments in Alberta

Join CIR REALTY on February 13th to learn about the current state of the Alberta real estate market and where it fits in the real estate cycle. 

Practical, timely advice will be given on how you can capitalize on cur...

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2020 opens with a slight gain in sales  

Posted on Feb 03, 2020

Housing market conditions continue to follow similar trends to last year, with gains in sales.

At the same time, there have been further reductions in new listings, inventory and more declines in prices.

January sales activity was 863 units, nearly eight per cent higher than last year’s levels. While sales remained well below January activity recorde...

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Calgary’s housing market expected to support more stable conditions in 2020

Posted on Jan 14, 2020

Calgary, Jan. 14, 2019 – Since the oil price crash, Calgary has faced job losses, wage reductions and tightening national housing policy. These factors have all contributed to the slower sales environment, excess supply and citywide price adjustments of more than 10 per cent.
However, as Calgary moves into the sixth year of this cycle, there are ind...

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Federal Change to the Canada Home Buyers Plan Launched January 1, 2020

Posted on Jan 05, 2020

The Home Buyers’ Plan (HBP) helps first-time home buyers save for a down payment by allowing them to withdraw up to $35,000 from a registered retirement savings plan to purchase or build a home without having to pay tax on the withdrawal.

Beginning in 2020, individuals who experience a breakdown of a marriage or common-law partnership—in the year of...

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