The “Green Line” Project for Calgary Transit

The Green Line will add an additional 40 kilometres of track to the existing 59 kilometre LRT network. End-to-end, the route will connect North Pointe and Seton to downtown.

Modeled after the existing CTrain system, which is 100% powered by renewable wind energy, the Green Line will be an environmentally sustainable addition to the city’s transit service.

290,000 Calgarians are estimated to live along the Green Line corridor (including the Centre City and Beltline), estimated to increase to 465,000 by 2043. The Green line will also serve a number of community and business hubs in the city, including Country Hills, Quarry Park, South Hill,Keystone Hills, Seton, Auroa, Douglasglen Business Centre and the Glenmore/Barlow Business Centre.

As a big added perk, ride times will be cut in half on the southeast leg of the Green Line with the completion of LRT; current ride times are clocked at about 69 minutes to the downtown core from the southeast; this will be reduced to about 35 minutes.

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