Snow Removal and Parking Bans (Calgary and Red Deer)

The Snow Route parking ban program in Calgary supports snow plowing operations by removing parked vehicles from the streets, and allowing crews to clear snow from Calgary roads more efficiently and effectively. During a ban, parking will be temporarily restricted on designated Snow Routes for up to 72 hours. 

Snow Routes are located on major roadways, collector roads and most bus routes and can be identified throughout the city by blue signs with a white snowflake. Watch for these signs in your community. You can sign-up for automatic email alerts and download the Road Conditions Application on the City of Calgary Transportation website.

In Red Deer, where the city is divided into 11 snow zones, you will need to know your Snow Zone and Route so you can find out when snow plowing will happen in your neighbourhood, and when your car will need to be removed from the street. You can get this information on the City of
Red Deer website.