Do You Have A Best My Nest Membership?

Have You ‘Activated’ It?
CIR REALTY has a homeownership program called Best My Nest that gives CIR clients exclusive access to discounts and free workshops at over 100 local stores and service centres. If you haven’t requested your membership from me, please get in touch; I would be happy to sign you up (no cost!).

If you have already received a membership, make sure you go to to ‘Activate’ it. By activating your membership you will receive [once a month only] your invitations to upcoming classes, notice of any new companies that have joined the program and the discount on home services they offer, as well as great articles written by local experts on everything you need to live a better life in your home!

Check out the Best My Nest website for the full list of vendors and start taking advantage of thousands of dollars in savings for items and services you are already spending money on for your home maintenance and decor!