Spring Snowmelt and How to Identify Moisture in Walls and if it is Coming from Your Roof

The first visible telltale sign of moisture in walls is the appearance of damp patches, blotches or streaks on the walls. Many of these darkened spots can range from brown hues to dark yellow, often dictating the cause of the moisture.

Other signs of water damaged walls can include peeling paint, discolouration, crumbling, cracking and hanging of drywall tape. These moisture stains can be the result of substances in the drywall and plaster leaching to the surface. If left untreated, the unsightly patches will also develop a musty odour. 

When moisture penetrates the walls from above, faults in the structure of the roof including missing or damaged tiles, inferior flashing or cracked gutters and drainpipes can be held accountable. Since these areas are all located outside the structure, they are not too hard to spot. Remediation is required as soon as possible to prevent further damage.