Tips to Keep Your Home Cool

Keep Your Blinds and Curtains Closed
This might seem obvious, but draw your blinds and curtains to prevent your windows acting like a greenhouse. Up to 30 per cent of heat can come from windows, so by keeping them closed that heat will be reflected back outside and you’ll keep the temperature lower.

Open (and Close!) Doors
While it makes sense to keep as many doors open inside your house as possible to create an air flow, try closing doors to rooms you aren’t using. This will prevent cold air heading into these rooms, meaning only the ones you really want to stay cool benefit most.

Create a Fan Network
You can get smart with your fans to improve the air flow in your house. For example, have one fan blowing into your room from the door, and another blowing hot air out of the window, creating good air flow. If you have floor fans blowing in your house, try placing a bowl of ice water in front of them when you switch them on. This will make the fans blow the cooler mist from the ice around the house as it evaporates, rather than just recycling the existing warm air.

Swap and Cool Your Sheets
Opting for cotton or silk sheets can help keep your bed more breathable and give you a bit of a cooling effect when you hit the hay. For a quick blast of coolness to help you get to sleep you can also try putting them in your freezer in a plastic bag for a couple of minutes before you go to sleep.