Four Tips to Reduce Your Heating Bill

1 By setting your thermostat to 20 degrees, you can reduce your heating bill by 5% to 10%. It might seem a little bit chilly, but you might be surprised at how you can get used to it. After all, once it’s 25 degrees in the summer, you wish it could be 20 degrees again.

2  Reducing your heat by 4 to 5 degrees at night or when you are out of the house can save 15% on heating costs. There’s no sense in heating an empty house. And, at night, you can actually benefit from the lower temperature setting. Studies indicate that you will sleep better when you are in a cooler room. The easiest to do this is with a programmable thermostat, that way, you can program the heat according to your regular schedule, so that you don’t forget to turn it down.

3  Turn your water heater down to 50 degrees instead of 60 degrees. If you can’t keep the back of your hand under hot water coming out of your sink, it’s being heated more than necessary. Plus, if you have kids, you’ll have greater peace of mind, knowing they won’t be scalded.

4  If you have an older, inefficient water heater, you can insulate it with a water heater jacket. These aren’t that expensive, and the cost can be quickly recouped from your monthly savings.