Burnt Lawns- How to Avoid Them and Repair Them

Patches of grass in a lawn can appear burnt for a number of reasons. Grass that is cut too short, over-fertilized or lacking water often appears brown or burnt. And burnt is not a good look for a lawn. Thankfully for homeowners struggling with sorry-looking lawns, there are two basic steps that can help to revive the grass and restore it to a brilliant green. 

 Step 1 
Mow your lawn to a height of 2 1/2 inches. If you are mowing it shorter than this, it is likely to turn brown and take on a burnt appearance. 

 Step 2 
Water the burnt spots and entire lawn with one inch of water weekly. If your lawn is littered with burnt spots, it may be caused by lack of water. In especially hot months it is necessary for the soil to be moist approximately four to six inches down. 
 With hot temperatures on the rise over the coming weeks, make sure you get your sprinkler out and in a convenient place to make keeping up with watering easy.