How are Natural Gas Prices Set?

The market determines the price based on supply and demand. The weather, supply, surge in demand, environmental policies and many more things can affect the price of natural gas. All natural gas retailers provide a charge for the
amount of gas consumed, plus minimal administration fees. Your bill will also include distribution and
transmission charges, GST and other fees. 
Transmission and distribution charges are regulated by the government and are passed on directly by your provider. These charges will stay the same no matter what retailer you choose and can vary depending on where you live or are located in the province. If you haven’t entered an agreement with an energy retailer (like ATCO, for example), 
you are currently paying the Regulated Rate Option (RRO). This means your rate fluctuates from month to month
 as the market fluctuates. Choosing your energy retailer allows you to choose either a guaranteed or variable rate, and gives you more control over your energy choices.