Creating That Modern Look

Timeless Colours 
Unique colours, textures, and patterns characterize the ideal modern home, but the challenge often lies in where to begin. What shades suit your home design and structure? Begin with timeless colour pallets starting with neutrals:
-Do you prefer warmer or cooler tones?
-Apply these palettes to your core pieces.
-Choose the accent colours, patterns, and textures that complement those neutral tones. For smaller pieces, try using a textured lamp or patterned dining room table chair.

Textures and Patterns   
Use unique patterns and textures that speak to your personality. If you see something bright and cheery like a rainbow vase, don’t be afraid to use it if it is something you love.          
Less is more 
Think clean and tidy, open spaces. One standout piece will go a lot further than several mediocre pieces.

Plants bring liveliness to your home by offering colour, serenity, and positive energy. Plants provide a softer element in a more angular space. They can also help purify the air.

Hidden Storage 
Clutter does not complement a modern design. You can never have enough storage. Look for coffee tables, ottomans, and side tables with hidden storage.