How Important is a Septic Alarm?

Septic alarms are our most recommended product when it comes to a septic system. A lot of systems we see, do not have a septic alarm. Doesn’t matter if you have a gravity system or a septic pump in your tank. A septic alarm will save your house and yard in case of a backup saving you tons of money and a large headache to clean up.

We have several different alarm types, so you can choose the best option. We have an indoor and outdoor alarm that has an audible and visual alarm as well as a wifi alarm that will also alert you via text or email that there is an issue which is an excellent option for cabins, rental properties or vacation homes.

It is recommended to have separate power installed in your septic tank specifically for your alarm. It is not recommended to have it on the same power as your pump so that if you ever have an issue with the pump, the alarm will continue to work. It is recommended to have your alarm installed by a certified contractor.