Renovations With Homeowner's Association

Here are some common home improvements that are often allowed without prior approval form your Homeowners Association:
  • Generally, cosmetic changes or renovations made within the confines of your unit, such as painting the walls, changing flooring, installing new fixtures, or updating appliances, do not typically require approval. However, it’s always a good idea to review your condominium bylaws or HOA rules to ensure there are no specific restrictions.
  • Adding decorative elements like curtains, blinds, shelving units, or artwork to the interior of your unit usually doesn’t require approval. These are considered personal choices that don’t affect the common areas or the exterior appearance of the building.
  • Furniture and Personal Items: Furnishing your unit with furniture, rugs, and personal items is generally within your discretion and doesn’t require approval from the condominium corporation or HOA.
It’s important to note that while these improvements typically don’t require prior approval, it’s still advisable to review the specific rules and regulations outlined in your condominium bylaws or HOA documents. Some associations may have specific restrictions or guidelines related to renovations, noise levels, or exterior alterations that you should be aware of; ensure compliance with their rules and to obtain any necessary permissions or permits.